to pump your digital survival skills in a professional (and not only) environment within six months.
And no, we're not about "entering IT"
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Educational program
Sound familiar?
While the world is on fire, and the Apocalypse is just around the corner, there is still a boss with his “make a beautiful button for the Website” standing behind your back, social problems’ absurdity level is going through the roof, and all of this somehow sweepingly moved to ZOOM, YouTube and Instagram.

Perhaps you are a journalist, blogger, or teacher.
Or maybe an activist promoting social topics with cool ideas like “what should we do with all this”? Let us gess: want to talk (safely) about the problems in your country / city / yard in a stream on YouTube, and then share your progress on Instagram?
Or find out some life hacks how not to get cranky promoting your own NGO?

At least one «yes»-answer - then hurry up to fill out the application to participate in educational seminars of our community (limited number of places!).
Our professionals will explain, show and teach you:
Multimedia storytelling
and video storytelling
Using delayed posting tools
SMM promotion
and monetization
Planning and implementing a successful online company
Video broadcasts
and video streams
also working with photography
... And other digital communication skills.

Come visit!
2 times monthly (we will definitely announce the exact dates - a little later)
Participation is free
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See you, DigiBoost team!
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